Our Approach


Put simply, our integrative training allows us to draw on several fields of psychotherapeutic skills and expertise and so work creatively with our clients in a style that supports the individual towards recovery and wellness. The foundation of our work is relationships. Who we are, how we relate, why we relate in certain ways, all these things give us vital clues to our innate needs and desires.

Our first meeting allows you and I to connect as two unique human beings. As your story unfolds you can get a sense of the fresh possibilities that the therapeutic relationship can provide.

This work is underpinned by Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, Donald Winnicott and John Bowlby to name a few.


Your body, mind, spirit and psyche will be supported and respected in equal measures.

Humanistic psychotherapy meets the person in the “Here and Now”, acknowledging and working in your reality. it is based on the assertion that each individual has the ability to work towards optimal health and “Self-regulation.”

Influential thinkers include Fritz Perls and Carl Rogers.


We are trained Biodynamic psychotherapists. In Biodynamic therapy there is great importance placed on the innate wisdom of the body and the story the body can tell of our lives.

The body holds your every memory and tells this story through posture, gestures, facial expression, actions, reactions and emotions.

Biodynamic Psychotherapy can be a gentle, yet powerful tool to assist the talk therapy and bring the body and mind into the desired state of “self-regulation.”

Methods such as massage, bodywork, breathwork, relaxation techniques and vegetotherapy are all used to support the individual’s journey towards health and wellbeing.

It is our view that recent advances in Neuroscience and Poly vagal theory research compliment and enhance the teachings of Biodynamic psychotherapy.

The work is founded on the theories and teachings of Gerda Boyesen, W. Reich and A. Lowen